Ceph: Daemons have recently crashed

Ceph can issue many health messages and one of these messages is "daemons have recently crashed". If this error is present in your "ceph -s" output, means it is not archived by the administrator. You can examine the crashes and send them to the Ceph community. Because of the crash,…continue reading →

Upgrade Ceph from Nautilus to Octopus (CentOS 7)

What is Ceph? Ceph is a software-defined storage solution designed to address the object, block, and file storage needs for data centers. Ceph is an open-source storage platform available for CentOS 8, CentOS7 (partially from Octopus release), Ubuntu, Debian Buster, Fedora, openSUSE and also in Container image (based on CC8).…continue reading →

Why do we move from HDFS to Ceph?

We maintain an HDFS distributed file system that handles large data sets running on commodity hardware. Our Hadoop is spread between computing nodes and JBODs and currently, there are more than 240 nodes (with a range of disks from 3 to 120 per node). For the future, we continue to…continue reading →